Welcome to The Brush and Palette

On Saturday Jan. 31, two of our new journalists and I went to a journalism competition at Soka University. This was the first such contest we have attended, and marks a new step in getting involved in the journalism community.

We had fun, too!

With this year’s increased staff size, we have been able to produce two 16-page papers. Most recently, we put out a holiday issue of the Brush and Palette, which you can read here.

If you’d like to advertise with us, you can access our rate card here. The rates and calendar are currently being updated, so the information on the card is from last year.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions should be sent to thebrushandpalette@yahoo.com. 

Sincerely, Zoe Epstein, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Production Manager


7 responses to “Welcome to The Brush and Palette

  1. hey guys!
    good job on your paper!
    I think that this upcoming school year will be great! Go Breakers!

  2. Great first paper! This was a big step in the right direction. Keep up the outstanding work!

    Dr. Austin

  3. Stephen Colletti

    Looks like you guys
    are continuing to
    do a great job.


    -Stephen C.

  4. omg you guys rock the paper =P

  5. Christopher Ryland

    Laguna Beach Class Of 2006 Rocks!!!

  6. Laguna Beach Class Of 2008 RULESS!!

  7. Great beginning! I like the bit about Mr. Tiner. I suggest that since this is an election year you guys do some articles that feature that.

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